On 14 January 2017, at 8pm, Lauba – People and Art House hosted the award ceremony of Zgraf 12 – international exhibition of graphic design and visual communications. The main Zgraf exhibition consists of Review and Theme and an exhibition of student works to the subject of Zgraf 12, ‘Social Reruns’.

The international jury consisting of Rick Poynor, Radovan Jenko, Vaughan Oliver, Jianping He and Sanja Rocco chose the winners of the 12th edition of Zgraf. The Grand Prix went to Nikola Đurek and Marija Juza for Balkan (Croatia, 2012). The Zgraf 1 Award went to Hamper studio (Vučić Ivana, Kaćunić J. Tomislav) for Reflections of Time 1945-1955 (Croatia, 2012), and the Zgraf 2 Award is equally shared by two projects: Žvokelj Robert with Slovenian Industrial Design (series—(a)ETA 80, (b) K67, (c) Tomos 4, (d) ESK PRO: Slovenia, 2012/2015) and Placement (Aubert Danielle, Cavar Lana, Chandani Natasha) for the publication Thanks for the View, Mr. Mies (USA, Croatia, 2012).

The Zgraf Welcome Award went to Martin Peranović for MINE (Croatia, 2014), and the ico-D Excellence Award was presented to Ajda Schmidt for Series of Notebooks for Povše Print Mill (Slovenia, 2015/2016).

Another award given was the one by the International Association of Art Critics (AICA), at the discretion of the jury consisting of Sandra Križić Roban, Marko Golub and Boris Greiner, appointed by the Croatian branch of AICA. The AICA jury decided to present the award to Rafaela Dražić and her work Nova umjetnost za novo društvo: traži se vaša nazočnost / New art for new society: your presence is requested (Croatia, 2015).

The international jury gave out 10 special diplomas to the following authors and works:

Parcodiyellowstone: Peer2peer Design Strategies (Italy, 2016)

Drewinski Lex: LI(f)E (Germany, Poland, 2015)

Studio Sonda: Closed on Sundays—Drago Orlić’s Poetry Collection (Croatia, 2015) & Piquentum Brazda (Croatia, 2014)

Dražić Rafaela: Politics of Feelings ⁄ Economies of Love (Croatia, 2014)

Jisuke Matsuda: Create Theatre Poster (Japan, 2015 /2016)

Stojanović Slavimir: Diagonal (Serbia, 2014)

Prah Nejc & Ilovar Klemen: Dreaming of a Vacation (Slovenia, 2016)

Gamulin Damir: Minus3—Culture Shelter at Split 3 (Croatia, 2012)

kuna zlatica (Kunej Ana, Salopek Zlatka): Blind and Visually Impaired Theatre ‘New Life’ (Croatia, 2012 / 2016)

Kuzmanović Sanja: Vladimir Dodig Trokut Anti-Museum Web Archive (Croatia, 2014/2015)


Zgraf 12 is open at Lauba until 24 January 2017.

The exhibition Grand Prix 11 / Peng Peng opens on Monday, 16 January 2017 at 7pm, ULUPUH Gallery.