LAUBA – People and Art House / 9-24 January 2017

ULUPUH Gallery / 16 January – 13 February 2017


This year, the open call received a large number of submitted entries, both from Croatia and abroad, and the selection committee consisting of Boštjan Botas Kenda, Dejan Dragosavac Ruta, Igor Stanišljević, Olivera Stojadinović and Ana Tomić selected 26 works to be exhibited at Theme and 140 works for Review in the following categories: visual identity, printed promotion/communications, publishing, packaging, signage, advertising, specific segments of visual communications – independently, design in film or electronic media. The selected works arrive from Australia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Japan, The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, USA, Slovenia, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey and Croatia.

Like every edition thus far, this one will have an International Jury selecting and presenting five awards (Zgraf Grand Prix, Zgraf 1, Zgraf 2, Zgraf Welcome and ico-D Excellence Award) and 10 special diplomas to the best works of Zgraf 12. The Zgraf 12 International Jury consists of Rick Poynor, Radovan Jenko, Vaughan Oliver, Jianping He and Sanja Rocco. The Zgraf Excellence Award – a special honour for a group of exhibitors out of competition will be presented by the Zgraf 12 Selection Committee, and AICA Award – of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA) – will be presented by a jury appointed by the Croatian branch of AICA, consisting of Sandra Križić Roban, Marko Golub and Boris Greiner.

Eduzgraf exhibition of student works on the Zgraf 12 Theme ‘Social Reruns’ is intended primarily for design and visual communication students and emerging, up-and-coming designers. The student exhibition will be presented as a separate segment, along with the works of professional designers in the Zgraf 12 Main Exhibition, consisting of Review and Theme. By including students in the Zgraf Theme, this year’s edition of Eduzgraf is for the first time making an additional outreach to build a bridge between the educational sector, professional design practice and supporting institutions. The aim of the open call was to give an extra boost and kick to young designers and examine their work in comparison to the ones made by professional designers. The selection process for ‘Social Reruns’ Theme Exhibition was conducted by the Zgraf 12 Selection Committee consisting of: Damir Bralić, Antonio Dolić,  Miranda Herceg, Mihaela Richter and Ana Tomić, and they selected 33 works by authors from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, China, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Serbia and United Kingdom.

Apart from the Lauba exhibition, Zgraf 12 will host a retrospective solo exhibition of the winner of Grand Prix 11, the Swiss design studio Peng Peng (Klaus Fromherz and Martin Geel), at ULUPUH Gallery from 16 January to 13 February 2017. Studio Peng Peng won the Grand Prix at Zgraf 11 with Werkbeiträge / Radne potpore in association with Gelinda Paganini, and this exhibition will be their first solo show in Croatia. Klaus Fromherz (1976) graduated with a degree in graphic design in Luzern and Leipzig, and Martin Geel (1979) with a degree in illustration in Luzern. Ever since its establishment, their studio has been focused on designing all forms of printed materials – posters, postcards, brochures, books – and on making videos, films and animations for installations and exhibitions.


In addition to exhibitions, Zgraf 12 features a rich programme of side events. Eduzgraf, a creative educational platform, aside from the exhibition of student works, will organise professional workshops, Eduzgraf Evenings and Eduzgraf for children and youth.

Eduzgraf professional training workshops include different formats of working with renowned international and local designers and theoreticians and international students of visual communications design and similar disciplines (art history, architecture, visual art). Eduzgraf plans the following workshops: Museum of Future – Fanzine of Future Events, mentored by designers Maja Kolar and Maša Poljanec; Death in Design, mentored by designers and theoreticians Barbara Predan, PhD, and Petra Černe Oven, PhD; and Brief Introduction into the History of Graphic Design and Visual Communications in Our Country 1945-1990, mentored by graphic designer and theoretician Dejan Kršić.

Eduzgraf Evenings will give an overview of the entire programme and connect all the Eduzgraf and Zgraf participants at special events. Eduzgraf Evenings will include student workshop presentations, the Personal Expert programme giving visitors a chance for a one-hour one-on-one conversation with renowned designers and design theoreticians to find out all about their practice and ideas, as well as many other design-related treats.

In addition, Eduzgraf will host a one-day international symposium under the name of Practicing Design, organised by the Croatian Designers Association (HDD) and VERN’ University of Applied Sciences, as part of the two-year Practicing Design project (Erasmus +) which focuses on designer training and promotion of a practical approach to design. Practicing Design project partners are Austria (designaustria), Croatia (Croatian Designers Association, VERN’, Prostoria) and Macedonia (Public Room, EURM, Zavar).

Eduzgraf for children and youth will include weekend workshops for different age groups in association with Lauba’s programme Laubica, as well as specialised guided Zgraf 12 tours for primary and secondary schoolchildren.

And finally, another programme to be presented is Zgraf Words, presenting for years now a selection of the finest theoretical and practical examples from the design profession. ‘Social Reruns’, the 12th Zgraf theme, opens up a series of possible interpretations and analyses of current design practices, live in a series of lectures given by the International Jury members and other experts from the field of design and visual communications.

For more information, please e-mail us at press@zgraf.hr, or call +385 91 6302 213

Contact person: Morana Matković, Zgraf 12 Executive Director

For the Zgraf 12 programme, please visit www.zgraf.hr

Zgraf 12 is supported by the ico-D and co-founded by City Sector for Culture, Education and Sport, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, ULUPUH and Embassy of the Republic of Switzerland. Zgraf 12 media partners are Vizkultura and Journal.hr.



Antunović Ivan “Udentitet” (Croatia)

Armanda Juri & Geisler Karl „In & Out (1-3)“ (Croatia)

Armanda Juri & Geisler Karl „NSA USA, EXIT (reinterprinted)“ (Croatia)

Cavar Lana „Iskopavanja“ (Croatia)

Čehovin Eduard „ADC plakati“ (Slovenia)

Čehovin Eduard „Seasson 2016“ (Slovenia)

Čehovin Eduard „Seasson 2015“ (Slovenia)

Dražić Rafaela „New art for new society: your presence is requested“ (Croatia)

Ewa Wlostowska „DUB“ (Poland)

Gamulin Damir „Aleksandra Zec“ (Croatia)

Gamulin Damir „Gospođa ministarka“ (Croatia)

Hamper studio „Knifer Meanders 1960-2014“ (Croatia)

Hamper studio „Refleksije vremena“ (Croatia)

Hamper studio „The Beauty Fool“ (Croatia)

Kultura umjetnosti, Tehnički muzej zagreb, Muzej nauke i tehnike Beograd „Jugoton – istočno od rada 1947.-1991.“ (Croatia)

Ljubičić Boris „Pola ure kulture“ (Croatia)

Nenad Jalšovec „The language of Us and Them“ (Croatia)

Orin Ivan Vrkaš „Staryy Bunt , Novyye Gorizonty“ (Croatia)

Parcodiyellowstone „Cono D’ombra“ (Italy)

Parcodiyellowstone „Peer2peer Design Strategies“ (Italy)

Stanković Elda „Digitalna tapiserija – Reprodukcija reprodukcije u odsustvu originala“ (Serbia)

Šušteršič Plotajs Nataša „Triglavski planšarski sir“ (Slovenia)

Utku Lomlu „Jean-Paul Sartre“ (Turkey)

Vrhovec Nina „Kino Otok Isola Cinema“ (Slovenia)

Vrhovec Nina „Player Piano“ (Slovenia)

Vukmanović Maša „Kulturna zabit“ (Croatia)


AA / Anja Delbello & Aljaž Vesel „R-etrospective, publication at 30th anniversary of R-tisk printhouse“ (Slovenia)

April studio „Mačkov podrum vinarija“ (Serbia)

April studio „Think&Travel“ (Serbia)

Armanda Juri & Geisler Karl  „Paint on Blankopaper“ (Croatia)

Atelier João Borges „Porto and the Churches“ (Portugal)

Bagić Barić Maja „Festival europske kratke priče (FEKP)“ (Croatia)

Bagić Barić Maja i Srdarev Danijel “Letači iznad sadržaja” (Croatia)

Bankov Peter „Typo/graphic posters 1“ (Czech Republic))

Bankov Peter „Typo/graphic posters 1“ (Czech Republic)

Bankov Peter „Typo/graphic posters 1“ (Czech Republic)

Benussi&theFish „Kultura i aktivizam: upute za upotrebu, Krhka kultura međuljudskih odnosa“ (Croatia)

Berbić Amir „Boundary Lines“ (USA)

bilić_müller „12. trijenale hrvatskog kiparstva“ (Croatia)

bilić_müller „Arhitektura/Arhitekt“ (Croatia)

bilić_müller „Studies on Shivering“ (Croatia)

bilić_müller „Ukidanje retrospektive“ (Croatia)

bilić_müller „Život umjetnosti 96“(Croatia)

Brigada „Tipkovnica“ (Croatia)

Bronić Matea „Kraljevina Zelina“ (Croatia)

Bruketa&Žinić OM Hrvatska „Rast je u našoj prirodi“ (Croatia)

Bruketa&Žinić OM, Hrvatska „Lubenica“ (Croatia)

Bundi Stephan „Der Menschenfeind“ (Switzerland)

Bundi Stephan „Beyond Architecture“ (Switzerland)

Bundi Stephan „Lachen verboten“ (Switzerland)

Cavar Lana „Thanks for the View, Mr. Mies“ (Croatia)

Chaika Vladimir „Coexistence“ (Russia)

Chaika Vladimir „Frida+Diego“ (Russia)

Chaika Vladimir „HE is here“ (Russia)

Cuculić Vanja „Gavella plakati“ (Croatia)

Cuculić Vanja „Igepa plana – 7 letters, katalog ekskluzivnih papira“ (Croatia)

Cuculić Vanja „Vina Vicelić“ (Croatia)

Cybu Richli (C2F) „100 Best Posters 15“ (Switzerland)

Design Bureau Izvorka Jurić „Aroma Mediterranea kozmetika“ (Croatia)

Design Bureau Izvorka Jurić „Croatia in a Box“ (Croatia)

Dražić Rafaela „Motel Trogir“ (Croatia)

Dražić Rafaela „Politics of feelings economies of love“ (Croatia)

Dražić Rafaela „Yelena Popova“ (Croatia)

Drewinski Lex „White Christmas?“ (Poland)

Drewinski Lex “Life” (Poland)

Drewinski Lex „Play with Fire“ (Poland)

Đurek Nikola „Balkan“ (Croatia)

Đurek Nikola „Identitet“ (Croatia)

Gamulin Damir „Boutique hostel Forum“ (Croatia)

Gamulin Damir „Minus3, kulturno sklonište u Splitu 3“ (Croatia)

Grahek Lana „Časopis za književnu i kulturalnu teoriju K. – Radnička kultura i književnost“(Croatia)

Gspan Maja „Jazz festival Ljubljana 2015“(Slovenia)

Hamper studio „Artionica“ (Croatia)

Hamper studio „U ritmu dodira“ (Croatia)

Igor Manasteriotti / Manasteriotti DS & Marić Mia „Vizualni identitet Panonskog drvnog centra kompetencija“ (Croatia)

Institute for transmedia design „Ukrainian Sheriffs“(Slovenia)

Jernej Stritar, IlovarStritar„ All strings attached“ (Slovenia)

Jisuke Matsuda „Create Theatre Poster“ (Japan)

Kenke Ralph „SONA“ (Australia)

Kenke Ralph „Like ice“ (Australia)

Klisurić Ivan „Interruptions/Prekidi“ (Croatia)

Kolarek Branimir „Zidno slikarstvo grada Dubrovnika“ (Croatia)

Koržinek Marko „beCroative 2013“ (Croatia)

Košmerl Biba „Tribuna“ (Slovenia)

Križanac Nikola „39. Splitski salon – Prikazi podijeljenosti“(Croatia)

Kuduz Igor „Hvalospjevi Panegyrics (Igor Kuduz Remix)“ (Croatia)

Kuduz Igor „Julije Knifer“ (Croatia)

kuna zlatica (Ana Kunej, Zlatka Salopek) „10 year planner“ (Croatia)

kuna zlatica (Ana Kunej, Zlatka Salopek) „Animafest“ (Croatia)

kuna zlatica (Ana Kunej, Zlatka Salopek) „Kazalište slijepih i slabovidnih Novi život“ (Croatia)

kuna zlatica (Ana Kunej, Zlatka Salopek) „Vintage industrial bar“ (Croatia)

kuna zlatica (Ana Kunej, Zlatka Salopek, Tatjana Strinavić) “Croatian Theatre“ (Croatia)

Kunić Sanjin „MD Građevina javne namjene – Mošćenička Draga“ (Croatia)

Labudović Ana „Austrijski kulturni forum“ (Croatia)

Labudović Ana „Radiona“ (Croatia)

Le Quernec Alain „La station ou je t’ai dit je t’aime“ (France)

Le Quernec Alain „One giant leap for mankind“ (France)

Le Quernec Alain „USA today“ (France)

Loesch Uwe „Mayakovsy 1893 – 1930“ (Germany)

Loesch Uwe „Yesterday“ (Germany)

Loesch Uwe „Sarajevo. Views – Sarajevo 1914 – 2014.“ (Germany)

Mashoni, d.o.o. „Infinitus“ (Slovenia)

Milas Ivan & Radošević Goran „Kontra GUPa“ (Croatia)

Nedjeljković Uroš „UPIDIV – 50 godina“ (Serbia)

Nejc Prah (Ansambel) „Electricity is just like WHOA“ (Slovenia)

Nejc Prah (Ansambel) „Sanjam o odmoru“ (Slovenia)

Novak Ranko „Art Deco u Hrvatskoj“ (Slovenia)

Novak Ranko „Arhitektura i performans“ (Slovenia)

Novak Ranko „Imagining The Balkans“ (Slovenia)

NJI3 (Tessa Bachrach-Krištofić, Dina Milovčić, Franka Tretinjak) „Bachrach & Krištofić = Dizajn & Fotografija“ (Croatia)

NJI3 (Tessa Bachrach-Krištofić, Dina Milovčić, Franka Tretinjak) „Privremeni muzej dizajna“(Croatia)

Ovidiu Hrin „Cartography“ (Romania)

Ovidiu Hrin & Aumann Richard „Titus Andronicus“ (Romania)

Pavlović Jan  „36 Mountains festival“(Croatia)

Pavlović Jan & Zoran Đukić„Illectricity festival 2013“ (Croatia)

Pavlović Jan & Zoran Đukić „Mjesec hrvatske knjige“ (Croatia)

Piippo Kari „Chernobyl 1986+2011 Fukushima“ (Finland)

Piippo Kari „Coexistence“ (Finland)

Piippo Kari „Missing link: Democracy and Human Rights“ (Finland)

Plovanić Matko „Udav“ (Croatia)

Schmidt Ajda „Serija bilježnica za Povse tiskaru“ (Slovenia)

Señor „Iskrena vina Matković“ (Croatia)

Sensus Design Factory Zagreb „Branko Kincl – monografija“ (Croatia)

Serdarević Željko „Nedeljko Dragić“ (Croatia)

SKROZ – Grubiša / Škarica / Žalac „Demencija“ (Croatia)

Srdarev Danijel & Cella Anita Celić „Arhitektivo“ (Croatia)

Srdarev Danijel „CiklusCantus&Lauba“ (Croatia)

Stanković Elda „Vizuelni bedeker Vanje Žanko“ (Serbia)

Stojanović Slavimir „Dijagonala“ (Serbia)

Stojanović Slavimir „I institucije su ljudi“ (Serbia)

Stojanović Slavimir „Najkraći dan“ (Serbia)

Studio 360 „Flowershop in the House of Flowers“ (Slovenia)

Studio Dumbar „Amsterdam sinfonietta“ (Netherlands)

Studio Dumbar „Amsterdam sinfonietta“ (Netherlands)

Studio Dumbar „Amsterdam sinfonietta“ (Netherlands)

Studio Grozić „DEEZ katalog“ (Croatia)

Studio Milton Glaser „We are all Africans“ (USA)

Studio Milton Glaser „Holocaust Museum“ (USA)

Studio Milton Glaser „Heller“ (USA)

Studio Multipraktik „Gramatik – Epigram“ (Slovenia)

Studio Multipraktik „Stiropor Festival“ (Slovenia)

Studio Sonda d.o.o. „BOOKtiga 2012, Bit(i) margina“ (Croatia)

Studio Sonda d.o.o. „Metaphoria II“ (Croatia)

Studio Sonda d.o.o. „Nedjeljom zatvoreno, zbirka poezije Drage Orlića“ (Croatia)

Studio Sonda d.o.o. „Piquentum Brazda“ (Croatia)

Studio Sonda d.o.o. „Piquentum Sv. Vital 2014“ (Croatia)

Šavar Alma „Organ Vida — Otkrivanja“ (Croatia)

Šesnić&Turković d.o.o. „Bocca buona“ (Croatia)

Šesnić&Turković d.o.o. „Kosac“ (Croatia)

Šesnić&Turković d.o.o. „Patrola na cesti“ (Croatia)

Šuran Oleg „Spekulativnost“ (Croatia)

This town needs posters „Klubvizija SC“ (Croatia)

Troxler Niklaus „Poster for a Jazz concert at bau 4“ (Switzerland)

Troxler Niklaus „Poster for a Jazz concert at bau 4“ (Switzerland)

Troxler Niklaus „Poster for an exhibition at Kharkiv/Ukrainia“ (Switzerland)

Utku Lomlu “Plays by Albert Camus”( Turkey)

Vojković Pero „Koristi zaštitu“ (Croatia)

Vukmanović Maša „Hotel Priča“ (Croatia)

Zinnobergruen gmbh „Best architects 15 publication“ (Germany)

Zinnobergruen gmbh „Best architects 16 publication“ (Germany)

Zorko Primož „Stiropor festival 2015“ (Slovenia)

Željka Vodopija Seifert „N3 capital partners“ (Croatia)

Živčić Hrvoje &  Dević Dario „ANA Elizabet: Realizirani i nerealizirani radovi u javnom prostoru“ (Croatia)

Živčić Hrvoje „Mote“ (Croatia)

Žvokelj Robert  „Plemiški grbi“ (Slovenia)

Žvokelj Robert  „Slovensko industrijsko oblikovanje“ (Slovenia)


Adrian Rovina – Neuromancer / Experimentalni Layout / Knjiga (Academy of art , Split, Croatia)

Alma Šavar – Georgievics de Abadia — knjiga obiteljske povijesti (School of design, Zagreb, Croatia)

Ana Vuko – 2015 internet yearbook (School of design, Zagreb, Croatia)

Bemir Bilalić – TV (Academy of art , Sarajevo, BiH)

Damian Antolak – Put in (Academy of Art, Szczecin, Poland)

Dávid Fucsku – Consume (Eszterházy Károly University, Eger, Hungary)

Donat Radas – Tipografija rtz (School of design, Zagreb, Croatia)

Dora Kasun – Anatomija projekta (School of design, Zagreb, Croatia)

Dorijan Šiško – Endemic Relations (University of Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Dorijan Šiško – ALUO LXX (Akademija za likovno umetnost in oblikovanje, Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Dragana Kupresanin – argh!_#32 (Fakultet primenjenih umetnosti, Belgrade, Serbia)

Eleonora Matijašević – Štetnosti bacanja opuška (Academy of art , Split, Croatia)

Eleonora Matijašević – Šumski prijatelji (Academy of art , Split, Croatia)

Enida Mulamujić – Nothing New (Academy of art , Sarajevo, BiH)

Anže Jesenovec, Gregor Makovec, Jan Pogorelec, Peter Primožič, Gašper Uršič – Vizualni identitet festivala dokumentarnog filma 2016. (University of Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Mate Žaja, Jelena Njeguš – Speculative Now! (Academy of art , Split, Croatia)

Rok Hudobivnik i Justin Ner – #GoBeyondTrends (Norwich University of the Arts, Norwich, United Kingdom)

Ismar Žalica – Never Mind the Future (Academy of art , Sarajevo, BiH)

Ju Hee Hong – ULU Project (Royal College of Art, London, United Kingdom)

Lana Grahek – EKSPERIMENTALNO IZDAVAŠTVO Transfer iz digitalnog u tiskani medij — osobne arhive (School of design, Zagreb, Croatia)

Leona Vertus – Revival type – Alfru monospace (School of design, Zagreb, Croatia)

Maria Cheshmedjieva – WWW (National Academy of Art, Sofia, Bulgaria)

Martin Peranović – Mobilna aplikacija MINE (School of design, Zagreb, Croatia)

Martina Ukić – Aktivacije (Academy of art , Split, Croatia)

Mia Vučemilović – Putujuće memorije grada (Academy of opplied arts, Rijeka, Croatia)

Nikola Mikulić – Possibilities (Academy of art , Split, Croatia)

Patryk Krygowski – Peacekeeping (University of Rzeszow, Rzeszow, Poland)

Sanja Kuzmanović – web arhiv Anti-muzej Vladimir Dodig Trokut (School of design, Zagreb, Croatia)

Srđa Dragović – Projekat ,,Glasačke kutije” (Faculty of fine arts, Cetinje, Monte Negro)

Srđa Dragović – George Hardie 2016. ( Faculty of fine arts, Cetinje, Monte Negro)

Szőcs Eszter – Rethink what beauty means (Eszterhazy Karoly University, Eger, Hungary)

Tingwei Xing – Letter Reconstruction (Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing, Chima)

Tingwei Xing – I am who I am (Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing, China)



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