The History

Zgraf is an international exhibition of graphic design and visual communications, held triennially in Zagreb, Croatia since 1975. The organiser of the exhibition is ULUPUH – the Croatian Association of Artists of Applied Art. Over the years, Zgraf has brought together designers, theoreticians and critics with the intention of discussing fundamental problems and the position of design in contemporary society.

Zgraf has accordingly drawn attention to the importance of design as a profession, dealt with the relationship between graphic design and art, referred to the importance of education – in favour of establishing a school of design, investigated ways of expanding digital technology in design – web design and multimedia as new segments of design, probed the role and social responsibility of design and designers in the realm of advertising and has been the meeting point of different cultures and a place for addressing and discussing local and global.

As an open selected exhibition, Zgraf presents global examples of works in the field of graphic design and thus offers a wide perspective of the global design scene. In this way it also evaluates the work of local designers within an international framework. Zgraf also aims to offer a place for discussion on contemporary design practices and their role in the complex and contradictory daily cultural life.


The international exhibition of graphic design and visual communications Zgraf is made up of two main parts. The first is a review exhibition of selected works in the field of graphic design and visual communications, and the second is a thematic exhibition presenting selected works designed to a specific exhibition theme.
Except for the Main Exhibition Zgraf programme also includes smaller exhibitions, lectures, workshops and presentations.

Zgraf rules and regulations



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