About Eduzgraf

Eduzgraf is an international graphic design and visual communications training platform taking place as part of Zgraf 12. The entire programme is intended for students and designers making their first professional steps, professional public hailing from the field of design and visual communications, the broadest audience with an interest in this area, as well as children and youth. Eduzgraf’s programme is conceptually designed and coordinated by Mihaela Richter, art historian and one of the heads of the program Curatorial Platform.

The programme consists of four parts:
Eduzgraf Exhibition – international student exhibition with a focus on Zgraf 12 theme Social Reruns,
Eduzgraf Professional Workshops,
Eduzgraf Evenings: Eduzgraf Cinema and Personal Expert,
Eduzgraf for Children and Youth.

In addition, Eduzgraf will host a one-day international symposium under the name of Practicing Design, organised by the Croatian Designers Association (HDD) and VERN’ University of Applied Sciences, as part of the two-year Practicing Design project (Erasmus +) which focuses on designer training and promotion of a practical approach to design.

Eduzgraf Exhibition – international student exhibition focusing on the Zgraf 12 theme Social Reruns is presented as a separate segment, along with the works of professional designers in the Zgraf 12 Main Exhibition, consisting of Review and Theme. By including students in the Zgraf Theme, this year’s edition of Eduzgraf is for the first time making an additional outreach to build a bridge between the educational sector, professional design practice and supporting institutions. The aim of the open call was to give an extra boost and kick to young designers and examine their work in comparison to the ones made by professional designers in response to the subject matter of Zgraf 12, Social Reruns. Most of the works to be exhibited at Eduzgraf Exhibition are mentored by professors as competent universities. Observing these works, it becomes clear that there is a continuous, reciprocal model in design training that fosters equal dialogue, which results in high quality pieces among the student production. A total of 33 design works are accepted, by 29 authors from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, China, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Serbia and United Kingdom. The selection team judging the student entries on the subject of Social Reruns consists of: Miranda Herceg, Damir Bralić, Antonio Dolić, Mihaela Richter and Ana Tomić.

Eduzgraf Professional Workshops include different formats of working with renowned international and local designers and theoreticians and international students of visual communications design and similar disciplines (art history, architecture, visual art). The workshops focus on a design examining and challenging its social impact, socially responsible communication strategies, interdisciplinarity, and foster self-reflection on the essential working conditions in the field of design and professional principles. The works created as a result of this training course will be presented at Zgraf 12.

Eduzgraf workshops are:

*Museum of Future – Fanzine of Future Events, mentored by designers Maja Kolar and Maša Poljanec;
* Death in Design: That, or anything else Sprint to the last breath, mentored by designers and theoreticians Barbara Predan, PhD, and Petra Černe Oven, PhD
*Brief Introduction into the History of Graphic Design and Visual Communications in Our Country 1945-1990, mentored by graphic designer and theoretician Dejan Kršić.

Eduzgraf Evenings will give an overview of the entire programme and connect all the Eduzgraf and Zgraf participants at special events. Eduzgraf Evenings will include student workshop presentations, the Personal Expert programme giving visitors a chance for a one-hour focused conversation in small groups with renowned designers and design theoreticians to find out all about their practice and current ideas.

A special novelty in this 12th edition of Zgraf is Eduzgraf Cinema, made in collaboration with 25 FPS Audiovisual Research Association, which curated an extremely rich line-up of films directly referring to the central theme of Zgraf 12 – Social Reruns. The line-up is divided into four film blocs designed as chapters: Social Nostalgia?, Visual Reflections, Living with Modernism and Social Reruns.


Social Nostalgia?
Lunch, Ana Hušman / 2008, 17′ 20”, Croatia, Bonobostudio
Arheo 29, Vladislav Knežević / 2010, 9’30”, Croatia, Bonobostudio
Kino Crvena zvijezda (eng. Red Star Cinema), Silvestar Kolbas / 2014, 10′, Croatia, Silvestar Kolbas

Visual Reflections
Moving Elements, Marko Tadić / 2016, 7′, Croatia, Zagreb film
Dota, Petra Zlonoga / 2016, 5′, Croatia, Bonobostudio
Here There, Alexander Stewart / 2015, 5’4′, Croatia, Bonobostudio
Pain so light that appears as tickle, Dalibor Barić / 2010, 4’04”, Croatia, collage, Bonobostudio

Living with Modernism
Abode of Vacancy, Tanja Deman / 2011, 7′ 15”, Croatia, Tanja Deman
Betonski spavači (eng. Slumbering Concrete): Short Encounters along the Adriatic Coast, Saša Ban / 2016, 50′, Croatia, Hulahop for HTV
Zagreb Confidential – Imaginary Future, Darko Fritz / 2015, 14′, Croatia, Marinis Media
All Still Orbit, Dane Komljen and James Lattimer / 2016, 23′, Croatia/Serbia/Germany/Brazil, Restart
Social Reruns
Miramare, Michaela Müller / 2009, 8’8”, Croatia/Switzerland, Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and Michaela Müller
The Verdict, Đuro Gavran / 2012, 11′, Croatia, Pipser d.o.o.
En Encounter, Igor Bezinović / 2009/2010, 26′, Croatia, Restart
Delta – An Affluence of Art, Marin Lukanović / 2015, 26′, Croatia, Filmaktiv

Eduzgraf for children and youth will include creative art workshops for different age groups in association with Lauba’s programme Laubica, taking place on weekends, as well as specialised guided Zgraf 12 tours for primary and secondary schoolchildren.





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